Thursday, January 17, 2013

Toronto Historic Lodging

Courtesy of Victoria's Mansion

Here at Mirepoix and Mix, we cover many subjects involved with house and home (among other topics), but sometimes you just need to get out of the house and take some time to explore this beautiful world we live in. There are so many treasures all around us that we only get to truly appreciate on rare occasions. Vacations are one such occasion when we can take in the comfort, opulence, wonder, and history of everything on our globe.

One vacation suggestion that we the writers of Mirepoix and Mix would love to put out there is a trip to Toronto, Ontario in Canada -- Toronto lodging courtesy of Victoria's Mansion. Victoria's mansion is a residence that was originally built in the 19th Century, styled in Victorian styles that were popularized in the "Guilded Age." Lavishly dressed with comfortable furnishings, offers attentive service and amenities for the discerning travel that seeks a healthy balance of customer care and privacy. It's convenient location centers guests in the historic neighborhoods of Toronto, close to many of the city's most famous and traveled-to sights destinations.

To learn more about Victoria's Mansion's rich history, for room rates and availability, or to plan your vacation in detail, visit Victoria's Mansion online at:

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