Monday, January 14, 2013

Changes in Furniture, and Furniture Shopping

"It had been about five years since I had done a big furniture shopping excursion. Knowing this, I decided to go from being an avid furniture-browser, to a full on furniture-purchaser." -The Author.

I had no idea what I was in store for when I decided to go "out with the old, and in with the new" for my formal dining room. A lot has changed in five years: a recession bordering on a depression, millions out of work, families struggling to make ends meet... Would this mean that I wouldn't be able to find any nice furniture? Or would it mean that the nice furniture is cheaper now? Is it the exact opposite? Will cheaply-built furniture be extremely high priced?

What I found was a little mix of everything. Some stores I shopped had advertised what they were calling "luxury furniture," but turned out to be cheap imitations at an enormous price. Other Stores advertised cheap furniture, and it was exactly that: cheap, damaged goods at a low price. It seemed that every furniture store I entered was just as confused as I was, as to what the industry standard exactly was. All of this confusion, tended to mean that many stores were blindly pricing their furniture pieces -- some of them at a ridiculous rip-off, some of it at a ridiculous deal. So it seems that with many of the furniture stores being just as confused about the market as its customers, that there can be some quite nice deals to be found, if one searches around for them.

One location I found some particularly valuable pieces at was Savannah Collections, offering high end furniture at amazing prices. Even the local Goodwill store had some surprising finds for the cheaper pieces I needed. Long story short, now is the time to do some furniture shopping, and take advantage of the widely spanning prices.

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