Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving Furniture Without Damage

 I have moved furniture far too many times in my life. Throughout all of those times, there was sure to be some damage when I opened the moving truck's bay gate at the new destination. It happened every time! for years, I simply cursed the moving company and vowed to myself that I would shop around for better movers next time. I have yet to find a mover that hasn't damaged at least on item during the move.

Until recently, I was sure that moving furniture was simply opening your favorite furniture items up to danger. I continued to believe this, until I read an article about how moving is an antique's worst nightmare. This article opened up my mind to the hundreds of years of history of moving furniture, and how we have forgotten how to ensure the security of our own items, and leave their fate in the hands of others.

A link to this article is listed below, and it is very entertaining, informative, and shows the adventures furniture pieces had to endure just a century and a half ago.

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