Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spas Require Winter Maintenance As Well

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Many spa and pool owners around the United States and the world are unaware that they need to continue to maintain their pools after summer has given way to fall and winter. Actually, the winter time is the time of year that requires more than the usual amount of maintenance.

Most homeowners and pool/spa owners believe that when temperatures dip below freezing, that the spas do not need to be maintained with chemicals, because the freezing temperatures will kill anything living in the water anyway. While it is true that most harmful bacteria and other pathogens are killed when the water freezes, freezing does not kill all of the little critters that may be  in your spa water. Additionally, while the freezing temps may initially kill pathogens in the water, a slowly-warming approach of summer can cause the perfect conditions for the rapid reproduction of some of the most deadly of pathogens.

Danger from creep-crawlies aside, the biggest benefit to year-round maintenance is that it can greatly extend the life of your spa/pool. The chemicals and treatments used in spa/pool care are pro-active as well, and condition the materials used to fabricate the lining and systems of  the spa. This being said, unless you want to one day encounter an expensive crack or break in your hot tub, you might want to keep the spa chemicals in-use all 12 months of the year.

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