Monday, September 17, 2012

Perfect Wine, Perfect Meal

It has been said for hundreds, possibly thousands of years: A perfect wine makes a perfect meal. So closely hinged are wine and food, that they are often considered extensions of each other. A new movement has arisen as of late, in nontraditional pairings of wine and food. For instance burgundy wine, traditionally served with prime rib or other heavy read meats, has been paired recently with lighter meats, including chicken and whitefish.

This new trend is refreshing, because it not only gives more freedom when imbibing, but also opens doors to new pairings that had been locked for so long.

Another liberating trend in wine is the growing taste for more affordable wines. It really doesn't have  to be an expensive wine to be good. As a matter of fact, affordable wines are now beginning to reach toward the top of the top wines lists.

Another freedom open to wine lovers is the ability to join wine clubs and memberships. Bacchus Selections is one such membership, (Though it is 100% free to join). Offering hundreds of varieties and blends from all over the world, Bacchus also has some of the rarest varieties and top-rate wines that can be shipped directly to your house.

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